In addition to physical therapy, I found these additional therapies very useful in the rehab (listed in chronological order of introducing to the rehab) ...


There is an on-line video for appropriate exercises to begin immediately post-op, so bring your laptop and follow along as you "de-fog" from the surgery.  I loved having these both times...

McMinn exercises:

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE SELF-MASSAGE VIDEO- was useful immediately post-op while reclined in bed with little else to do; this easy to follow video is one of several I have found available...

Expert Village video: 'healthybody massage' of Orlando w/Trish lymph massage instruction video for upper body (easy to do in bed) and also lower body (also easy to do in bed) - doing both of these will clear the major lymph nodes of the body and greatly benefit accelerating reduced swelling


ACUPUNCTURE - as the photos* above indicate, the use of acupuncture was used to heal the suture scar, as was finger massage to loosen the fascia beneath, and the application of goldenseal healing salve and vitamin E [* right hip scar is shown with needles treatment soon after surgery and left hip scar is shown at 6 and 10 months]

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE - a 90 minute session was useful for the first surgery to reduce swelling, which went to the foot as I was not regular enough in my use of the TED stockings.  Continuing with the self-help routine was adequate with my second surgery.

BALL ROLLING - small therapy balls or foam rollers to release muscle ischemia resultant from the surgery trauma or from pre-existing conditions

REINHART STANDING STRETCHES - posted by a thoughtful patient of Dr. Bose, I love these wonderful standing stretches (more advanced for when you are ready) with photos to easily follow, particularly good at stretching the anterior side for anterior approach surgeries...

FELDENKRAIS - I love this therapy as a tool to release old patterns of movement, in my case from carrying around bad hips for twenty years.  For more information on the usefulness of this therapy and for an international list of practitioners, see

ZEN BODYTHERAPY - people often have a favorite form of muscle therapy and this is mine. Although deep and intense, it produces lasting results, and can be instrumental in clearing old tissue traumas and/or stuck-states that would otherwise hamper a full recovery from a succesful surgery.  For more information and to find a practitioner, do a web search.  

ACTIVE RELEASE THERAPY - another great muscle release therapy that I find very effective and more available than the zentherapy.

PRIVATE YOGA - so many kinds of great yoga out there and as a long time fan of Iyengar yoga, I know about yoga being an instrument of change and of maintaining health and posture.  I found that having private lessons created a focus on my rehab that accelerated the work toward the goals that the physical therapist and I both had.  My local yoga teacher is of the Anusara school and I have had a wonderful time exploring this new yoga form with this rehab.