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I have added this community comment guestbook. You are welcome to add your comments. I also welcome emails (using the form at right) and I will reply.
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Posted by Mark Dale on
Thanks so much for this web site! It has been difficult to find info on the mini hip. Looks like you are doing great.

Dr. Snyder has recommended one for me. I am a tennis player who wants to be back on the court with no restrictions. I am a little concerned about his switch from the Birmingham to the mini hip. The doctor has explained why he feels it is better (including no metel on metal issues) but I also know he has many successful outcomes with the Birmingham as he has been recommended to me by fellow tennis players. He is obviously a very experienced surgeon but the mini hip has a limited track record (at least here in the US). Dr. Snyder said he has done 150 mini hips so far versus thousands (just guessing) of Birminghams.

If there is anyone else (including yourself) who has or is going through this decision process who would like to comment - it would much appreciated.
Posted by Roger Taylor on
I'm a recent recipient of a Stryker Cormet device from Dr. Mont in Baltimore. Also a semi-retired rock climber, originally from the State of Washington but now living in Arlington, VA. Just found your site via the surfacehippy listserve and your recent comments there. Glad to visit your website!

Posted by day acheson on

I am just back from vacation including tennis. I am very satisfied with my minihip and post-op activity. Please email me at so I can reply to you.
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Posted by Michele Dove on
I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your postings very much after my initial appointment with Dr. Snyder. I was very disappointed that my hip was already too damaged to undergo hip resurfacing and since there was not much info available on the mini hip, it was great to read your success story! I am 3 weeks post-op (Oct 13, 2011) and am doing amazing. I am a dog walker and was very concerned about my recovery time but am happy to report that at just 17 days I was able to resume 2 30-min walks a day - although at a much slower pace... Physical therapy is going great and my flexibility has already increased in 3 days time. Still stiff in the hip flexor but assuming that will work itself out in the coming days.
There is definitely some "Dr. Snyder/mini-hip" bashing going on on the surfacehippy website but I think he did a great job and that the mini-hip was the best option for me.
Good luck, thanks,
Michele Dove
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Dear Michelle,
I watch the surfacehippy sites and listen and I remind myself that it is largely for resurfacing and therefore understand that the minihip is not wholly accepted by some. I pipe in when I feel there is a mis-statement or mis-understanding that could well use a reply. I believe that the minihip with the direct anterior is the superior option for those of us in the US who are not resurfacing candidates for whatever reason. Perhaps the more bone conserving mid-head-resection will soon be available here to give people a metal-on-metal option if they want one.

Congratulations to you and please do stay in contact :)

Posted by Christine on
3/1/12. I am a 55 year old female, considered active, and have signed up for a mini hip stem/stryker MDM cup with Dr. Snyder. I continue my research, but I am finding out that there are no studies on the Corin mini hip, although Dr. Snyder said there was a European study (but not published - I think he said it did not have a long enough follow up to publish just yet). I am nervous about the lack of study results. Is there ANYTHING out there in the way of study results for the Corin stem? Any wise words from anyone? - Christine
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Dear Christine, I just sent out a call to update me on any research findings. I, also, would love some published long term studies. In the meantime, I am loving my minihips and I have been following many surgeries of friends this past year, all with great success. I will reply back soon when I hear about the findings.
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Dear Christine,

I understand that published data will be available within the year on the Corin/Stryker components.
Posted by Christine Too on
Dear Day,
I am 2 weeks post-op from a right mini hip replacement performed by Dr. Snyder at Newton Wellesley Hospital. Prior to surgery, I did as much research as possible and agree there was not much info on the Corin Mini Hip. After speaking with Dr. Snyder and attending a seminar conducted by New England Baptist, I decided on the Corin Mini Hip. The orthopedic unit at Newton Wellesley Hospital was great (can't beleive I'm stating this about a 3 day hospital stay). I was up walking with the help of a walker about 5 hours after surgery! Since coming home from the hospital, I have not required any pain medications other than tylenol. Totally exceeds my expectations as to speed of recovery! Down to one crutch 80% of the time and have "no restrictions" on movement which makes PT that much reassuring. Incision is 2 1/2 inches and not able to see at this point. Although there is not much info related to statistics on the mini hip, it made sense to me since I am only 55 years old and sometime down the line it will need to be replaced (full hip estimated replacement time 10-15 years) I will now have preserved bone to make the next surgery that much less complicated.
Posted by Joe on
Hi Day, My name is Joe and I met you this past weekend at the shot me and my buddy from the belay station at Strictly from nowhere. Wondering if you had the pic???

Great website...and keep kicking ass!
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Hi Day, it was so nice to talk to you last month and here is the update I promised.

On June 4, 2012 I had my right hip replaces with the mini hip by Dr. Snyder. 3 weeks later I dislocated the hip, which is supposedly very hard to do with this hip and the approach taken by Dr. Snyder. I dislocated by sitting in a chair with my feet in the wrong position and tractioning the leg in the process, which caused the dislocation. 3 months later at the end of September I was in constant sever pain. When I went back to Dr. Snyder he informed me that because of the dislocation calcifications had formed in the tendons of the glute muscles that tore because of the dislocation. Originally Dr. Snyder told me I had no restrictions and could move my hip any way I wanted, one of the benefits of this hip. After the dislocation I now had restrictions that I could not externally rotate or extend the hip and had a follow up appointment in early May 2013.

I saw Dr. Snyder last week and he lifted the restrictions and told me that I can move any way that I want now. He also told me that the dislocation may have been a good thing because the calcifications have solidified the hip into the new acetabulum and have made the new joint stronger.

Now the only challenge that I have is to continue to make it stronger in ways I have not been able to do for almost a year now. I wish I could say that I didn't still hurt, but I finally think it is a good hurt.

(and see related post following this one)
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Hey Day,
thanks for the request for some background info about my need for the hip replacement. I was born with congenital hip dysplasia and my legs were not straight when I was born. My hips rotated out to a 45% angle. As a result when I was 6 months old I had a board between my shoes to try and correct the hip imbalance this created.

I was a very active child, playing ice hockey, soccer, softball, water skiing and even had some dance training. My hips were never a problem throughout all this activity until I have a severe injury while playing ice hockey when I was 16. This injury to my right hip caused me to be taken off the ice on stretcher and to the ER. I spent a few days on crutches and was diagnosed with a deep bone bruise, nothing was broken.

When my right hip began to be painful and I was regularly being diagnosed with bursitis and tendonitis in my early 30's I assumed it was a combination of the hockey injury and my current career as a massage therapist being so physical in nature, that the hip was arthritic and just wearing down. 2 years ago the pain was so intense and constant that I went to my orthopedic doctor and he showed me the x-ray and I knew it did not look like a normal hip should and even looked different than the left. he sent me to another specialist and eventually I ended up at Dr. Snyder's office in large part from advice of friends who had seen him, including you Day. thank you for the information you have provided.

Thanks Wendi!
Posted by Larry on
Hi Day:

Dr. Snyder did a metal on metal hip resurfacing on my right hip in 2009. I think he did an excellent job. For some reason, now my metal blood readings are very high, and has caused swelling in my hip, basically metal toxicity. Snyder wants to get it out ASAP before it does permanent damage. He wants to replace it with a Corin MiniHip. My question for you is what kind of limitations do you have now with that miniHip, if any? FYI, I am also a long time Tai Chi practitioner and want to continue, including push hands.

Thanks for this.

Newton, MA
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Dear Larry,
I received your request for my current condition. I welcome a chat if you wish to.
I have no limitations. Not in taichi, dance, sports, yoga, rock climbing, ... ... All is well. I feel lovely. I don't have feeling of limitation. I love this mini hip as a solution for my hips :).See the blog on my site for recent events.
AND i want to get together with you for some taichi!! I am in Newton area every week doing house calls, muscle therapy sessions, many of Snyder's patients as well, pre- and post-op. We could do that also. I'll look for a note from you!!
Day Acheson
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Hi Day,
I hope your visit with your Mother is going well.
Your website content intrigues me. Very fascinating. I'll study it more over time.

I appreciate your offer to help and it was a joy to meet you. I look forward to the next time our paths cross.
Joy to the world,


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