As of 2010 and 2011, I am a recipient of two Stryker/Corin Minihips -- as per Dr. Snyder of Newton-Wellesley Orthopedics Associates -- after many years or limited hip function from progressive osteo-arthritis, diagnosed as from Femoral Acetabular Impingment (FAI).

At the time of the surgeries, there was so little information available on this new prothesis that I decided to share publically my own story and experience by creating this website.  I have had and I continue to have a most wonderful experience with these new hips.

For you that have arrived here to find out more about this prothesis and surgery procedure, I have given details in the linked pages of my own history of hip wear, how I was able to prolong the life of my failing hips, how I came to find the minihip and Dr. Snyder, what my surgery experience was like, details of the follow-up rehab, and a listing of what I found were good complimenting threrapies for the rehab stage.  Since then I have been adding my ongoing experieces as well (see the ‘Blog’ link).

Through this website, I have received contact from many that are exploring this hip solution and/or other solutions like it, or who are recipients and have come to share their story (see the ‘Guestbook’ link).  Most are appreciative of discovering my experience as there still is a predominant bias toward more traditional hip solutions that show less promise.

Through these contacts I have discovered there to be a variance in the rehab stories.  My review shows my Right Hip rehab to be swift indeed, and I would not want to lead one into false hopes.  Through review I see that my Left Hip rehab seems more typical.  I have also seen some where the rehab extends longer.  In all cases it seems that six months leads to full strength and full function, and often earlier. Yet I encourage all to dutifully continue their exercises for a full year after.

I believe that it is the nature of the Direct Anterior Approach (DAA) as used by Dr. Snyder that enables this swift rehab.  I believe that it is the compact modular design of the Stryker/Corin minihip that allows the DAA to be so successful.  These are only my opinions and these opinions are a result of my own research and my own experience.

I welcome comments from any and everyone and should you also be the recipient of a minihip of any form, I invite you to share your story in the Guestbook.  Thanks for visiting.

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