Office hours in Northampton and Sudbury

Therapy services on MONDAYS and TUESDAYS by appointment -- use the contact link in the DaytoDayHealing link to inquire or make an appointment or call me at 413-458-0912.  Follows is a list of THERAPIES OFFERED  --

A light, hands-on treatment that connects with the spinal rhythm and restores physiologic balance.  Benefits include releases to fascial connective tissue, balance to internal organs (also see VISCERAL MANIPULATION), and inner release of stored trauma.  Especially appropriate for head injuries, car accident trauma, and chronic pain.

A gentle Japanese hands-on energy treatment that relaxes, restores our inner balance, and relieves symptoms of many conditions.  It has a powerful spiritual base not found in other therapies.  It is treatment-based and/or self-help healing that can be practiced by everyone.

Focused and specific muscular therapy to release ischemic muscles/tendons and trigger points to provide lasting improvement, including complete healing, of any musculo-skeletal dysfunctions such as tendonitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica, carpal tunnel, plantar fascitis, migraine headaches, and, by using intraoral release techniques, is perhaps the most effective treatment for TMJ dysfunction.